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These patents are available for sale or licensing.

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Aesthetic Spa Tub — Steam Therapy

Tub surround tiles #1

In this tub, jets massage muscles and joints while steam benefits your body in the following ways:

Aids in relief of arthritis pain, joint stiffness, and muscle spasms. Relieves muscle pain due to injury and overuse. Relieves low back pain. Relief is provided by increased blood circulation and raised body temperature.

Reduces stress by aiding in relaxation as you are in a reclining position in warm water with jets circulating water around the body. Helps emotionally to create a happier mood. Benefit from aromatherapy with 10 drops of eucalyptus, lavender or juniper.

Increased blood circulation detoxifies the body of herbicides, pesticides, food additives, air pollution, and household chemicals. Therefore aides the immune system.

Regular use can help reduce weight by speeding up metabolism and burning calories.

Inhaling steam soothes and moistens the respiratory tract. Relieves congestion.

Reduces body fatigue as well as mental fatigue, which aids in better sleep. Aesthetics are valuable in helping the mind relax while in the tub. Focus on a scene created with relief tiles that is a favorite place you have been or would like to be. Put yourself there mentally to relax. I love gardening and flowers so my tub has falling blossoms and a huge basket of pansies. Your favorite could by a beach scene with shells along a seashore or a desert scene with the saguaros, barrel cactus, etc. Whatever favorite place you love to remember and dwell on to relax we can create for you. The U. S. patent allows the scene to be changed by drapery steam removal which then can be used elsewhere with no damage to the field tiles. As you view the custom relief tiles we create, you will find our design capabilities are endless in creating your favorite scene.

Sweat opens pores to rid itself of toxins and other wastes. Exfoliation also occurs. Increased circulation nourishes the tissues. Our skin is the body's largest organ and deserves to have as much moisture as possible to help it remain soft and supple with less wrinkling. Hair and scalp also benefit from the increased blood circulation.

When you exit this tub, after steam therapy for 20-30 minutes, your skin glows and your cheeks are rosy. This is using steam created by the jets alone, not even using the steam unit, which creates 120 degrees heat. The steam unit automatically shuts off after 20 minutest for your safety. Air traffic controllers require the steam units to be installed due to the high stress level of their work.

If you become uncomfortable with the increased heat during steam therapy, you do not have to leave the tub to cool down as you would in a sauna. You simply turn on the cooling shower and lower your body temperature in this way and no steam escapes from the spa space.

I am not a physician nor am I a licensed therapist; I am a registered nurse who developed extreme fatigue and severely crippling arthritis but refused to accept it. This tub, plus studying diet, exercise, and vitamins has allowed me to throw away my cane and get back to designing ceramic relief scenes for the walls of this tub. I am totally medication free. As a nurse I do recommend that you obtain approval from your physician for anything I suggest. These suggestions have worked for me which is my proof I should encourage others to try them in hopes they will work for them too to improve their quality of life.

These tiles and relief tiles were installed in 1996 and have no mold or grout damage. To assure you the same success in installation, I recommend you follow my instructions as to products and procedures and copies of photos I made as I installed the products. With the knowledge and experience in working with tiles and grout, I can advise you as to how to have a home spa tub starting with your existing soaking tub. Please see pricing to order this information.

These before and after pictures show tiles installed with inferior adhesives in place of the adhesive we use.

Tiles with inferior adhesive - beforeTiles with inferior adhesive - after

Product Pricing

These patents are available for sale or licensing.